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Hello everyone! My name is Ellie Brace and I am Newman Students' Union Vice-President for 2023/2024. I am looking forward to working with current and prospective students to make sure they get the most out of their University experience.

Get to know me:

Q: What course did you study at Newman?

A: Criminology.

Q: What made you want to become Vice-President of the Students' Union?

A: I wanted to encourage students to get involved in as much as they can whilst they are studying as doing this myself allowed me to gain self confidence and grow as an individual. (which is what University is about!)

Q: Tell us an interesting or random fact about you...

A: When I was little I performed on a stage infront of 1,000 people cheerleading to High School Musical!

Q: Where is your favourite place on campus?

A: The bar quad because that is where I first met all of my friends!

Q. How can we get in touch with you?

A. I am usually in the SU Office by the main entrance in the Atrium, but you can also catch me by email or by phoning 0121 387 4789.

Ellie's pledges: 

Pledge 1: Helping to develop a new strategic plan

Pledge 2: Increasing accessibility within the University and the Students' Union

Pledge 3: Being an active listener

Pledge 4: Encouraging engagement in all aspects

Vice-President terms of reference (job role)

General Duties
All Officers are responsible for the day to day running and management of the Union as an organisation, including but not limited to: ensuring it complies with the law and relevant acts, in particular the Education and Charity Acts, funding and budget monitoring, compliance with Health and Safety legislation, ensuring Union Policies and Procedures are adhered to and representing students.  All Officers are also required to be actively involved in collective work and be willing to accept work at the request of an appropriate body.

Vice - President (Sabbatical role)
The Newman Students' Union Vice - President represents roughly 2800 students from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse range of needs. The Vice - President is responsible for assisting the President in leading the Executive team, challenging, motivating and encouraging them to achieve the best results in all work. They will also be expected to p
romote the equality of opportunity for all Newman University students, and ensure that all aspect of the Students’ Union adhere to the Equal Opportunities Policy. Furthermore, the Vice- President is responsible for making sure all of our communications are up to date, including our social media and website. Like the President, they are the direct link between the SU and the University and sit on many Boards and Committees to ensure there is student representation at decision-making bodies within the University.