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Hello everyone! My name is Zoe Harrison and I am Newman Students' Union President for 2023/2024. I have been lucky enough to be the President for the last academic year and I am looking forward to continuing my work over this year. 

Get to know me:

Q: What course did you study at Newman?

A: Studies in Primary Education.

Q: What made you want to become President of the Students' Union?

A: I really feel at home at Newman. Whilst I was studying at Newman the Students' Union made my time so enjoyable and I loved getting involved in things outside of my education. I want to be a part of making students time at Newman so special!

Q: Tell us an interesting or random fact about you...

A: I have the most beautiful rescue dog from Romania called Greg!

Q: Where is your favourite place on campus?

A: Starbucks - you can find me there most of the day drinking lots of tea!

Q. How can we get in touch with you?

A. I am usually in the SU Office by the main entrance in the Atrium, but you can also catch me on my professional Facebook page, Instagram, my email or by phoning 0121 387 4651.

Zoe's pledges: 

Pledge 1: Being YOUR President

Pledge 2: Put Newman Students’ Union on the map

Pledge 3: Create a student led strategic plan

President terms of reference (job role)

1. To attend all relevant University and Students’ Union Committees including but not limited to:

a. Academic Board;

b. Academic Standards Committee;

c. Appeals Committee;

d. Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee; and

e. University Forum.

2. Be a paid Sabbatical Executive Officer, act as a trustee of the Students’ Union, and sit on the Executive Committee.

3. Chair the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.

4. Be the lead voting member of the Students’ Union for NUS National Conference.

5. Be responsible for the coordination of the Executive Committee members in line with NSU policies, procedures and activities.

6. Lead the Students’ Union and facilitate and implement its strategic plan effectively.

7. Be the main contact for bodies to which the Union may be affiliated to.

8. Lead and brief delegations to any conference for the development of the Students’ Union.

9. Be the full-time Officer to lead the Course Rep System.

10. Ensure that the Constitution is adhered to.

11. Oversee and maintain the Students’ Union’s Policies, making sure that a record of each policy is kept in an orderly manner and is available to any student wishing to view it.

12. Have primary responsibility of ensuring that proper arrangements are in place to oversee the financial and commercial affairs of the Students’ Union and ensure the submission of budgetary estimates to the Executive Committee.

13. Be a cheque signatory for the Students’ Union accounts.

14. In the case of urgency, be empowered to take appropriate action on behalf of NSU, after consultation with all available Executive members and such action reported to the next Executive Committee for ratification.

15. Attend and support University Open Days.

16. Fulfil any other duties as determined by the Executive Committee and/or student forums.