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Your Voice. Your Community. Our Future.


Welcome to the beginning of an important dialogue—a strategic conversation aimed at shaping the future of our Students' Union. Newman Styudents' Union is entering a three month journey to help shape our organisation for the future. We want to hear from as many students as possible to make sure we are relevant now and for the future. 

Your voices, aspirations, and ideas are crucial as we embark on this journey together.As students, you are the heartbeat of the community at Newman, and your Union exists to serve and represent your needs.

The process we are entering into over the next three months, will allow us to come together to envision and create a future Union that reflects our collective values, addresses our challenges, and champions the diverse aspirations of every student here. Your input will be instrumental in sculpting a dynamic and inclusive union that fosters growth, support, and a vibrant student community.

To help us get the opinions and views of as many students, staff and students of the future as possible, the strategic conversation will take place in four main stages, leading to us drafting a future plan for the organisation: 


This is your opportunity to answer a series of simple questions about who you are, your university experience, your experience of the Union and what you care about in a future Students' Union. The Survey will run from December 13th 2023 - January 15th 2024

The survey will take no more than 20 minutes of your time and to say thank you, we will enter you into a draw to WIN some amazing prizes including one of 6 - £25 Amazon Vouchers, Newman Branded Merchandise and Union Event Tickets *.

Take part in The Survey by clicking here.


The use of Focus Groups is a crucial component in our strategic planning process for the Students' Union. By convening diverse groups of students, these sessions enable us to gather firs thand insights and perspectives on various aspects of the Union's functioning.

They will help identify key issues, understand the diverse needs of our student body, brainstorm innovative ideas, evaluate current initiatives, and ultimately inform our  strategic decision-making. 

We will be hosting these small groups, with a professional facilitator in early February 2024. We are keen to hear voices from across our community, including students, staff and prospective students from local secondary schools. 

Each focus group meeting will last around an hour and be held on campus (with options for Teams/ Zoom).

If you are interested in taking part in a Focus Group please click here to sign up.


Alongside our Focus Groups, during early February 2024 we will be hosting Let's Talk Week in the Union Offices on campus. This is your chance to talk to Union Staff and Officers about what you want to see from your Students' Union now and in the future. 

If you are an Academic Rep, Society Chair or member of a Committee you will soon receive an invite to have a 1 to 1 meeting with the President of the Union and the Union Director to talk through your experience of the Union and your ambitions for the future organisation. 


Sometimes your best ideas need to be written down or a survey just can't capture them. If you would like to let us know about the Union now and in the future, please click here to send your thoughts, ideas, moans, celebrations or moments of genius to us through a simple e-mail form.