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Newman Students' Union is passionate about making sure that everything that you do is powered by Student Voice. Whilst you are at Newman University, we want to make sure that your voice is the loudest and we want to empower you to use your voice to create change and make your University Experience the best that it can be.

How can you get your voice heard?

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with your Students’ Union and make your voice heard in all the right places:

Academic Rep System

The Union supports a comprehensive Academic Rep System to ensure your feedback on your academic experience is heard and acted on. The Academic Reps are made up of two groups who work together to share feedback and represent those view to the University.

Course Reps collect feedback from students to support a positive academic experience.

Faculty Reps have an active role in providing clear communication between Course Reps, the Students’ Union staff and the relevant University committees.

You can find out more about the Academic Rep System and how to get involved by clicking here.


Are there issues you are passionate about? Do you want to be a part of lasting change? Throughout the year the Union run campaigns on topics that you care about the most. Some of the Campaigns we have run successfully in recent years include - Free Sanitary Products across Campus, Portable Hearing Loops for all departments and gender-neutral toilets across Campus.

The Union provides a great platform for you to get involved, create change, and leave a lasting impact here at Newman. For more information on the Union’s campaigns for this year and to get involved click here.


Elections are your chance to have your voice heard and pick the team that will represent you!

The Students’ Union run elections every Spring to elect the Executive Committee. Each Officer has a specific area of work that they oversee but also work as a team to deliver the student experience that you want. From Events to Academic Representation, the Committee cover every aspect of your time at Newman. Two of the Officers, the President and Vice-President are employed full-time for a year to represent your views to the University and ensure the rest of the Committee are supported in their work.

We currently have vacancies for the Rag & Community Officer and the Equalities & Campaigns Officer. An election for these positions will be held at the end of September, so keep an eye out for further details, or click here to find out more about elections at Newman Students’ union.

Student Forum

Student Forum is basically the Parliament of Newman Students’ Union. This meeting is your chance to hold your Executive Committee to account and make sure the Union is doing what it should be and is acting in the interests of the Students at Newman.

All students are invited to attend Forum meetings, put forward agenda items, and debate the issues of the meeting. The Forum has a certain number of voting members but all students are encouraged to attend to have their voice heard.

Our Student Forum helps to ensure that students remain at the centre of our work and can drive our policy and campaigning agenda. If you would like to find out more about Student Forum click here. For details of upcoming meetings make sure you check the What’s On calendar.

Your Ideas

As a feature of our new website this year, we have a ‘Your Ideas’ area, where you can submit any idea for change relating to the Students’ Union, your wider university experience, or to vote and comment on existing ideas.

If you get enough votes on your idea, we will take your idea to the Executive Committee to discuss and put into action.  The Your Ideas section of the website is a direct and effective way to get your voice heard. For more information or submit your idea now click here.

Benefits of getting involved

Each of our roles or opportunities come with a variety of different benefits. Some account towards your HEAR accreditation, others give you discount off SU merchandise, all while getting your voice heard and making real impact.

All of them are great ways to build your CV experience, knowledge, and transferable skills.

YOU ARE MORE THAN A DEGREE, stand out and have your say,  get involved and make the most of your time at Newman with the support of your SU.


Find Out More

Come and visit the Students’ Union located in the Atrium, or email one of our friendly team who will be happy to help.

Email: SU President,

Email: SU Academic Representation Officer,

Email: SU Student Voice & Governance Co-Ordinator,


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