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The RAG & Community Officer position is currently un-filled. We will be running an election for this position early in the first term. If you would like to stand for this position, please keep on eye on the website and around campus for details of the election. If you would like to have a chat with someone about what the role in entails and what elections entail, please pop into the Students' Union Offices or contact Charlotte O'Neill our Student Voice & Governance Co-ordinator on c.o'

RaG and Community Officer terms of reference (job role)

General Duties
All Officers are responsible for the day to day running and management of the Union as an organisation, including but not limited to: ensuring it complies with the law and relevant acts, in particular the Education and Charity Acts, funding and budget monitoring, compliance with Health and Safety legislation, ensuring Union Policies and Procedures are adhered to and representing students.  All Officers are also required to be actively involved in collective work and be willing to accept work at the request of an appropriate body.

RaG & Community Officer (Part - time role)
The Newman Students' Union represents roughly 2800 students from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse range of needs. The RaG & Community Officer is responsible for finding new partnerships, as well as developing existing relationships, with external charities. With this, they are also responsible for encouraging staff and students to participate in all fundraising events and RaG activities. This is to create a positive community within Newman. Lastly, they need to ensure that fundraising activities are conducted within the guidelines and policies of the Students' Union.