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Hello everyone! My name is Amelia Wagstaff and I am Newman Students' Union Events and Activities Officer for 2023/2024. I am looking forward to putting on a wide range of events whislt you are here at Newman to get involved with!

Get to know me:

Q: What course do you study at Newman?

A: Criminology.

Q: What made you want to become the Events and Activities Officer at the Students' Union?

A: During my first year I really got involved with the events that the Students' Union ran and I wanted to ensure that everyone had the best experience while here at Newman.

Q: Tell us an interesting or random fact about you...

A: I once was able to take part in jury service.

Q: Where is your favourite place on campus?

A: Senses Bar!

Q. How can we get in touch with you?

A. You can email me on, or from time to time find me in the SU office! 

Amelia's pledges: 

Pledge 1: Student voice when planning events

Pledge 2: Proving monthly events 

Pledge 3: Transport to external events

Events and Activities Officer terms of reference (job role)

General Duties
All Officers are responsible for the day to day running and management of the Union as an organisation, including but not limited to: ensuring it complies with the law and relevant acts, in particular the Education and Charity Acts, funding and budget monitoring, compliance with Health and Safety legislation, ensuring Union Policies and Procedures are adhered to and representing students.  All Officers are also required to be actively involved in collective work and be willing to accept work at the request of an appropriate body.

Events (Part - time role)
The Newman Students' Union represents roughly 2800 students from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse range of needs. The Events & Activities officer is responsible for supporting the full-time officers on all Students' Union events, which include (but are not limited to): NSU Awards (formally known and celebrated as Excellence Awards and Sports and Societies Awards), Refreshers Week, and a Summer Ball. Furthermore, they are also responsible for ensuring that all Union events are inclusive of the student population. The role also consists of communicating with relevant University staff members about any events that are taking place on site. This includes making sure that risk assessments for all events are completed prior to any events we host.